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Returning to Nature

The Franklin Parker Perserve near Chatsworth, New Jersey is an interesting place. It part natural Pinelands and part old Cranberry Bogs. Hiking through the old bogs you get to see the transformation back to a natural state. Some bogs have become little lakes and attract eagles and herons, others are becoming meadows. This once ordered and orderly arrangement of rectangular depressions is becoming disordered and chaotic as only nature can do it. [...]

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Sometimes the Image Makes Itself

Chatsworth Lake is a typical Pine Barrens lake. It is located in the Franklin Parker Preserve near Chatsworth, New Jersey. The preserve is an interesting landscape that varies from old cranberry bogs to natural woodlands that follow the Wading River. This photo was taken right after sunrise. It was a nice spot on a nice morning with good light. Not much more to add. Sometimes the place is pretty enough [...]

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An Artistic Pile of Sticks

In Ocean City, NJ there is an old fishing pier I discovered several years ago. It is falling apart and looks like an abstract, somewhat Japanese, sculpture made of sticks. The first time I went to photograph the old fishing pier everything just worked. Conditions were magical which resulted in an image that is one of my favorites. I happened to be in Ocean City again recently and once more [...]

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Keeping it Real?

By Rich Lewis First off my apologies to all of you who were so supportive when I started this blog for not keeping it up to date. Sometimes life gets in the way. I'm back and will try to post something every week. Not to long ago I had a conversation with some photographers at the Pinelands Preservation Alliance and the topic came up, as it usually does, regarding photographing a scene [...]

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