Monthly Archives: September 2012

Nashville International Airport

September 30th, 2012|

At the airport you expect crowds. The terminal is usually full of people on the inside and planes lined up on the outside. When I walked into the airport in Nashville Tennessee it was very surprising to see this scene; A wide-open area outside the terminal with no planes (except the one taxiing away on the left), ground crew or vehicles. Add the brooding late afternoon sky and you have [...]

Experience the Place or Photograph It.

September 22nd, 2012|

Recently a friend told me about her vacation in Peru. I asked if she took lots of pictures and she said no she didn’t take any. I thought, wow, that is weird but she went on to explain that she felt the need to be in every moment on this trip. That was more important than stopping to record images or memories with a camera. As a photographer it seems strange that [...]

Stormy Weather and Trail Angels

September 12th, 2012|

This is a hiking story about angels and not really a photo essay. My wife Vivian and I recently hiked Mount Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts. After a long and steep climb to the top we enjoyed the views and went into a small lodge and cafe that serves the hikers and tourists who drive to the top just before a surprise storm hit. It was fierce with heavy rain [...]

Between Light and Dark

September 5th, 2012|

You can’t experience a place like the Pines fully unless you see it at all different times of the year at all different times of day and night. This photo came out of a hike that started at 4am. My buddy Karin and I stumbled through the dark in the late fall for several hours with the moonlight barely penetrating the dense pines.  The trail crossed several sand roads and [...]

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