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The Cedars of the Pinelands

Edge of the Cedars Winter Light One of the many things in the New Jersey Pinelands that I find fascinating are the Cedars. They grow along the edges of the rivers and lakes in thick groves. Some of these groves are almost impenetrable and the ones you can enter are usually very dark, wet and swampy. They can be so thick that most of the sunlight is [...]

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The Wheat Field

More of my favorites of 2012. Farming is a big part of the South Jersey landscape and I've wanted to spend more time photographing our "farmscapes" but for some reason it is coming along very slowly. Here is an example of a wheat field which is a large crop that is grown around here. I had noticed this wheat field one day driving around during the week and stopped to plan [...]

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Joshua Tree, California

  The next few blog posts will have some images from 2012 that I’m particularly proud of. This one was created in Joshua Tree, California. Looking down on an expansive valley my reaction while sitting here as the sun went down was WOW. Living in lush forests means that expansive vistas are not commonplace. Out here in the middle of the desert there is nothing but vistas no matter where [...]

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The New Jersey Pinelands, An Acquired Taste

I recently joined the Pinelands Photography Group which is a loose affiliation of people who include photography in the New Jersey Pines among their interests. What makes this group so fascinating is the members. There are botanists, wildlife experts, a few landscape artists and a spattering of all sorts of other people. The most interesting thing I've learned in this group is how little I know about the Pinelands. I've spent years riding, hiking, [...]

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