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The Great Smoky Mountain Creeks

The creeks are one of the things that make the Smoky Mountains great.  Tremont Creek, Smokey Mountain National Park by Richard Lewis 2014 Little River Gorge by Richard Lewis 2014 Dogwoods on Tremont Creek by Richard Lewis 2014 Dark Waters in the Smoky Mountains by Richard Lewis 2014 Waterfall by Tremont Creek by Richard Lewis 2014 My week in the Great [...]

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Back on the Trail in Harriman State Park

One way to grow as a photographer is by stretching your comfort zone and not getting "stuck" in a certain style. We need to get past the idea that "I only shoot landscapes or flowers or puppies" or whatever. You can love or be compelled to create a certain type of photography, but trying other things will help you improve and hone those core passions. I've recently made a conscious effort to to do this. Part [...]

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Why They Are Called The Smoky Mountains

They are called the Great Smoky Mountains because on cool moist evenings fog develops in the low lands that looks like smoke in the morning. It is a beautiful thing to behold. The fog can change from minute to minute creating quite a show. Morning Fog in the Smokey Mountains 1 by Richard Lewis 2014 Morning Fog at Dawn in the Smokey Mountains by Richard Lewis 2014 [...]

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Sparks Lane – How Can One Road Be So Beautiful?

Sparks Lane in Cades Cove by Richard Lewis 2014 Sparks Lane at Dawn #2 by Richard Lewis 2014 Sparks Lane at Dawn by Richard Lewis 2014 Evening on Sparks Lane by Richard Lewis 2014 If you told me when I went to the Smokey Mountains that I'd spend a fair amount of time photographing a road, I may have thought twice about [...]

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More from the Smokey Mountains

Evening Mist in the Smokey Mountains by Richard Lewis 2014 Evening Light in the Smokies by Richard Lewis 2014 Working with a group of really good photographers can be very challenging because you are juggling between your vision and theirs. All these individual visions from other artists can influence, but they can also distort your own vision. There can be a fine line between genuine influence and a [...]

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