Monthly Archives: October 2014

Fall in the Swamp

October 28th, 2014|

Changing seasons in the New Jersey Pine Barrens Swamp Sunrise by Richard Lewis 2014 Sunrise in Brendan Byrne State Forest by Richard Lewis 2014 Dead Cedars in the Fall by Richard Lewis 2014 Fall in the Swamp by Richard Lewis 2014 Fall Morning by Richard Lewis 2014 View Towards Pakim Pond by Richard Lewis 2014 Windy Fall [...]

Finding Meaning With iPhoneography

October 24th, 2014|

Putting the Art in SmART Phone Photography One thing I've learned about iPhoneography, or Smart Phone Art, is that it is more about telling a story, or conveying a mood, than it is about the image itself. At least it is for me. Here are some recent iPhone images. They are composites. All the pieces were taken with an iPhone and processed on an iPad using various apps. Wonderland Lost I generally don't [...]

The Northern Lights in South East Alaska

October 17th, 2014|

I'll never figure out how I got this one Northern Lights in South East Alaska by Richard Lewis 2014 You have to wonder when the PA system on a small ship announces "Attention passengers" in the middle of the night if it would be followed by instructions to head to the life raft. Fortunately, In this case, the crew wanted to share with us that a rare occurrence [...]

New Jersey vs. Alaska

October 13th, 2014|

 Can New Jersey Pinelands Swamp Compete With Alaskan Swamp? Alaska... Alaska Swamp by Richard Lewis 2014 vs. New Jersey Along the Wading River by Richard Lewis 2012 Dead In The Water 6 by Richard Lewis 2014 I've been told that I am a master of swamp photography. Is this a distinction that one should be proud of? Maybe. There is a very mystical and [...]

A Lunar Eclipse

October 11th, 2014|

Lunar Eclipse by Richard Lewis 2014 I thought it wold be nice to share with you how the recent lunar eclipse looked from the New Jersey Pine Barrens. This photograph was made just before the day broke and the eclipsed moon faded in the early morning light . Fortunately there were some clouds around to add a little drama to the scene. Enjoy Get some free photo tips Click Here Click [...]

Alaska’s Intimate Landscapes

October 8th, 2014|

This will probably my least popular Alaska post. When I post intimate landscape images, they usually get the least amount of interest. I don't really have to wonder why. I already know why. We all love a picturesque grand vista. Heck, I'll climb a mountain for a panoramic view, but will not necessarily do the same to look at an interesting tree or rock. Maybe Alaska's intimate landscape is different. [...]

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