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More Life in Death Valley

Exploring Desert Light Lunar Glow in Death Valley Understanding the nature of the desert landscape means being open to its amazing range of light. Driving across the desert in the early evening revealed the scene below. I've never seen the moon's glow reflected quite like this. Lunar Glow in the Desert by Richard Lewis 2015 What's So Bad About the Badlands? The more I photograph Death Valley's Badlands, the more [...]

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Back To Death Valley

On our second trip to Death Valley, the plan was to visit some of the more remote places in the park. We found that the journey was actually as interesting as the destination and often revealed interesting and unusual things about the desert. The moon was a big factor in my photography this trip. It was full and just happened to rise, set, or appear at the most convenient times while photographing. Moon Set [...]

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Lesser Known California

California has a lot to see if you are a landscape photographer. The state has more than its fair share of beautiful national parks like Kings Canyon, Sequoia, Yosemite and Death Valley. There are also many lesser known places with beautiful and unusual landscapes. While some are popular with photographers, many offer a lot of room to explore and create some unique imagery. The Alabama Hills and the Eastern Sierras The Sierra Nevada Mountains have been called one of the most beautiful features [...]

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New Year’s Day in the Alabama Hills

 By the way, the Alabama Hills are actually in California Alabama Hills on New Year's Day by Richard Lewis 2015 Early in the morning on New Year's Day, I was hiking through the Alabama Hills in the Eastern Sierra Mountains of California to get to a great view of Mt. Whitney. It was cold, windy and I was all by myself. This isn't the way one normally spends [...]

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