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An Old Pine Barrens Cabin

Sunset At The Old Cabin by Richard Lewis 2013 One winter evening, I came upon this old cabin in the New Jersey Pine Barrens by accident, resulting in the image above. For some reason I keep feeling the need to return and see it in different light and at different times of the year. As an added benefit, I recently was given access to the property by the landowner. The first [...]

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The Brooksbrae Brick Factory

An Urban Wasteland in the Middle of the New Jersey Pinelands.  Brooksbrae Brick Factory 1 by Richard Lewis 2015 Brooksbrae Brick Factory 2 by Richard Lewis 2015 Brooksbrae Brick Factory 3 by Richard Lewis 2015 Brooksbrae Brick Factory 4 by Richard Lewis 2015 No matter how long I live in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, it is surprising that there are always new [...]

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Remembering 9-11

Tool of the Defender by Richard Lewis 2015 No American has trouble remembering what happened on September 11, 2001. Our country was attacked and civilians died, not soldiers. We were all thrown into a different world. Today, I'm thinking of those who died in a senseless act of terrorism, and those who are wearing military uniforms that dedicate themselves to preventing any more of these acts. I recently was accepted into [...]

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iPhoneography – Sometimes The Best Camera Is A Phone

Old and Abandoned Trains on A New Jersey Trail Old Train Car 1 by Richard Lewis 2015 Old Baggage Car 1 by Richard Lewis 2015 Overgrown Train Car by Richard Lewis 2015 The bicycle is as big a part of my life as my camera and hiking boots, but when one rides a bike, it is good to travel light. The bicycles that I ride [...]

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