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An Abandoned Farm House

The remains of a South Jersey Farm  Abandoned Farm House by Richard Lewis 2016 I noticed this old abandoned farm house by accident while driving. I just happened to glance at the side of the road and saw it at the end of a long and very overgrown driveway. The house is a typical early to mid 19th century South Jersey farm house. The right-hand side (top photo) was [...]

2017-05-19T10:35:45+00:00 November 20th, 2016|34 Comments

The Ozark Mountains, Yup, The Ozark Mountains – Part 2

Missouri's Rugged, Beautiful Landscape Here are more photographs from my trip to the Ozark Mountains in Southern Missouri with photographer Craig McCord. In my previous post I showed the old mills we visited which were set in a beautiful and rugged landscape. The photographs below show more of that landscape. There were not a lot of opportunities to photograph the grand landscape of the Ozark Mountains because those mountains are very wooded. Yet, every now [...]

2017-05-19T10:35:45+00:00 November 3rd, 2016|13 Comments
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