Old Fishing Pier

This photo was taken a few years ago and I think of it as one of my best. It came from one of those times where I was able to scout the location beforehand. When I went back early the next day, before sunrise,, there was a magic time of about 15 to 20 minutes where the sky burst with color. Knowing the area, I was able to set up and work  quickly enough to create 3 nice images. This one was the struggle. Because the sky was full of beautiful red light, it distracted me from what the true image was. It wasn’t until 6 months later that I made it black and white and realized that the subject was not the sunrise, but the textures of this amazing ruin and its relation to the environment that is reclaiming it. This old pier is one of the icons of the Ocean City area. When this image has been shown, older people often share their happy memories of time spent on the pier. This has taught me that as fine art photographers we are not just creating attractive and interesting art, but we are preserving places others may have a deeper and different connection to. Enjoy

Rich Lewis | www.impressionisticlens.com