Before the Storm by Rich Lewis

This photo is a little white lie. You know the kind where you stretch the truth to make the story more interesting. While in a remote part of Cape Breton, which is an island that occupies the north east corner of Nova Scotia, a large fog bank started rolling in from the sea. Before it actually engulfed the bay a small lobster boat came racing by just a head of the weather. For hundreds of years fishermen in areas like Eastern Canada have struggled with potentially hostile seas and a culture with many tales and tragedies that have resulted.

I photographed the boat as it passed by and keeping the camera in the same position photographed the same scene about 20 minutes later when the fog bank was making its way into the bay. Later the two images were merged into this one. The bright light that was still in the bay when the lobster boat came by gives a nice sense of drama and storm light.

Maybe as a record of this particular event the photograph is not quite honest, but the elements in this scene have been blended to give respect and homage to those generations of fishermen who work in an environment that can just as easily take their lives as well as provide them a living.


Rich Lewis |