Mt Greylock Storm

Mt Greylock Storm

This is a hiking story about angels and not really a photo essay. My wife Vivian and I recently hiked Mount Greylock, the highest mountain in Massachusetts. After a long and steep climb to the top we enjoyed the views and went into a small lodge and cafe that serves the hikers and tourists who drive to the top just before a surprise storm hit. It was fierce with heavy rain and very high winds. We decided to wait it out in the lodge along with lots of other people. The problem was the rain showed no signs of stopping.

All the tables in the cafe were full when three people came in and asked to sit with us. Two of them had just drove up mountain to meet the third who is currently hiking the entire Appalachian Trail. He is known as a through hiker. The two who had driven up Mt. Greylock had done the trail a few years before and decided to join their friend and hike with him for a few days. The five of us were having fun passing the time by sharing hiking stories but all of us had big problems.

Vivian and I had hiked up one of the steepest trails to Mt Greylock and were not relishing the idea of hiking down in the rain. Even if it stopped the trail would be slippery and very muddy. Our new friends who drove up the mountain had to move their car to another location where they planned on finishing the hike with their friend. Vivian came up with a plan where one of them dropped us off at our car and we dropped off their car. We got down dry and safe and they got to  spend a few days with their friend on America’s best known hiking trail.

Anyone who hikes a lot knows about “Trail Angels.” These are people, or angels, who happen along just when you need some help. It could be as simple as providing directions to saving someone’s life. Most hikers have had the experience of being and needing a “Trail Angel.” This was the first time we actually got to be a “Trail Angel” to a “Trail Angel.”

So about these photos. The first photo was taking out the window of the lodge in the height of the storm. The second was taken just as the storm was ending but the wind was still violently blowing the trees around. Sometimes foul weather can yield some interesting results.