White Point Sunrise, Cape Breton

Recently a friend told me about her vacation in Peru. I asked if she took lots of pictures and she said no she didn’t take any. I thought, wow, that is weird but she went on to explain that she felt the need to be in every moment on this trip. That was more important than stopping to record images or memories with a camera.

As a photographer it seems strange that someone would not want to take a picture of a once in a lifetime experience. But this also made me think. When we obsess on a scene that we photograph, trying to get the perfect composition and light are we “being in the moment” with the scene or our cameras? Are we missing a some of joy of just being there or experiencing the place even more deeply? It is an interesting thing to ponder.

The photo, by the way, is just before sunrise in a place called White Point on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia.