The next few blog posts will have some images from 2012 that I’m particularly proud of. This one was created in Joshua Tree, California. Looking down on an expansive valley my reaction while sitting here as the sun went down was WOW. Living in lush forests means that expansive vistas are not commonplace. Out here in the middle of the desert there is nothing but vistas no matter where you look.

This photograph is a combination of 5 different images. For panoramas I like to assemble the component images manually. It is time consuming, but tremendously interesting to build a finished image by masking and blending the individual pieces. In this case the component images were shot with a wide-angle lens because the exaggerated perspective lends itself to the depth of this kind of space. The challenge was that each individual image has a wide angle perspective so blending them together required some effort to create one logical image.

The result is the feeling a guy from the Pinelands of New Jersey gets when perched on a hill in the middle of the desert. I also particularly like that this image is in Joshua Tree the town and not Joshua Tree the National Park. The human perspective adds something to the desolation of the landscape.

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