Sorry for the dormant blog but life can get away from you sometimes and I’ve been experimenting. I have to thank two friends for helping to inspire me. Denise Bush who introduced me to some great techniques and Tom Johnson-Medland who, contrary to the Dos Equis beer commercial, is actually the most interesting man in the world.

Tom writes books and is interested in collaborating with me on his next one. He is a big fan of the Delaware River, as I am, so I’ve recently started exploring the area again. I grew up along the Delaware and always have loved it. Now I’m starting to see it more artistically and am planning on spending time photographing the river and its many contributing streams and creeks.

Most of my inspiration comes from landscape painters so I’ve mostly worked in color. Recently I started exploring black and white and am finding it quite challenging and very interesting. Here are some recent photos along the Delaware River. The one in color just didn’t make it in black and white because it looks too much like something John Folinsbee would have painted.

Stoney Brook Creek

Winter on the Creek

Delaware River

The Delaware River at Lumberville

Tohickon Creek

Ice Organ Pipes

Lower Creek

Lower Creek