Recently seven photographers from the South Jersey Camera Club and I went to the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania for a two day field trip. Working around other photographers can be very interesting as it inspires us all to do things differently. None of us want to walk away from a beautiful place like this with the same photographs in our cameras.

Here are some of the images I made during that trip.

Worlds End State Park

The two photos below were taken at the High Knob overlook in Worlds End State Park which has great views of the Endless Mountains and the night sky. The second photograph is a composite which I will be blogging about in detail soon.

High Knob at Worlds End State Park

Evening in the Endless Mountains by Richard Lewis 2013

High Knob at Worlds End State Park

A Tender Moment at World’s End by Richard Lewis 2013

Ricketts Glen State Park

The Falls Trail in Ricketts Glen State Park is 7.5 miles long. It has 22 significant waterfalls and numerous smaller falls and rapids.

Falls Trail Ricketts Glen State Park Waterfall

Ricketts Glen Waterfall by Richard Lewis 2013

Waterfall at Rickets Glen State Park

Over the Top by Richard Lewis 2013

Falls Trail Waterfalls in Rickets Glen State Park

Rainbow in the Falls by Richard Lewis 2013

Waterfalls in Rickets Glenn State Park

Flowing Falls by Richard Lewis 2013

Waterfalls at Ricketts Glen State Park

Water Flow at Rickets Glen by Richard Lewis 2013

Other Areas

These last three photographs were make around the area of the Endless Mountains that we were working in.

Mokoma Lake Laporte PA

Morning on Mokoma Lake by Richard Lewis 2013

Fall Colors Mokoma Lake Laporte PA

Fall Colors on Mokoma Lake by Richard Lewis 2013

Old Barn Endless Mountains PA

Overgrown by Richard Lewis 2013

The Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania are an amazing place that I will be visiting again with my camera.


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