There is one reason why a photographer would climb a mountain with 15 pounds of camera gear, to get a photograph from the top. Recently I went off do a hike in Harriman State Park in New York. The hike I wanted to do would have summited 4 mountains. Good exercise and all 4 mountains have great views of the Hudson River Valley. Two even have views south to the Manhattan skyline.

The weather called for a chance of rain, but when I arrived at Harriman State Park it was raining lightly and steadily. I started up the trail to the top of the first mountain, called Bald Mountain, hoping the rain would clear but found the beautiful view was replaced by gray fog. Low clouds socked in the mountain tops. Fortunately the Hudson Valley has a lot to offer so I cut my hike short and headed to Iona Island, which is a beautiful bird sanctuary on the river.

Flexibility and familiarity with an area will almost always end up with photographic opportunities no matter what the weather is doing.


Bald Mt in Harriman State Park

Fog on Bald Mountain by Richard Lewis 2013

Iona Island New York

Iona Island 1 by Richard Lewis 2013

Iona Island New York

Iona Island 2 by Richard Lewis 2013