2013 was a growth year for my landscape photography. I invested more time in the craft and actively collaborated with other artists and photographers.

I’m going to use the next few posts to show some of my photographs from this year that reflect this growth. This one is a hidden treasure.

Iona Island on the Hudson River

View of the Hudson River from Iona Island by Richard Lewis 2013

How I Did It – I can’t wait to come back from a photography session and review the raw image files on a large monitor instead of the tiny 3″ display screen of my camera. But in the excitement to see what I’ve created I can miss something. This is another photograph of Iona Island along the Hudson River that was made during a field trip I lead to Harriman State Park in New York. You will not see it in my blog posts about that trip because I overlooked this image when originally reviewing the raw files. I don’t delete any image files except when they are technically bad. Hard disk space is so inexpensive that it is no longer a concern to find enough storage space for your work. Keeping all your files means you can revisit them from time to time and look at them with a different frame of mind. You just might find a gem that was missed. This is one of my all-time favorite photographs of Iona Island and yet I completely missed it when I first saw it.


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