Delaware River at Milford and Upper Black Eddy

Winter View on the Delaware River by Richard Lewis 2014

Setting up my tripod along the Delaware River in and around Bucks County, Pennsylvania reminds me that I am following in the foot steps of a long line of artists who captured and continue to capture the charming Bucks County landscape. When I compose a photograph and focus the camera, I often wonder how many other tripods and easels have been set up where I’m standing over the years. It’s humbling and inspiring all at the same time.

How I Did It – I originally set up this photograph using a small aperture to get the depth of field this scene needed. It didn’t matter how slow the shutter speed was. At least that was until a flock of geese flew over and the priorities suddenly changed. To get the geese in the shot and have them look like geese meant a faster shutter speed to keep them in focus. Knowledge of your camera’s workings and the rules of exposure allows you to adapt to changing conditions without having to stop and think things over. A quick adjustment of the ISO setting and shutter speed allowed me to get this photograph with everything in focus before the geese flew out of the scene.


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