Blue Hour Low Light Photography

The Blue Hour by Richard Lewis 2014

We photographers live for the golden hours. That is the time just before and after sunrise and sunset when the world is illuminated with  beautiful gold, yellow and red hues. I am also becoming a big fan of another time that  is called the blue hour. This is the twilight time between darkness and the golden hours where the light is a deep blue color. It is a very special time in the evening when day fades into night, and in the morning, when night begins to become the day. I find the Blue Hours to be a very quiet and peaceful time to be outside.

The Blue Hours are also a tough time to photograph. We photographers record light and there really isn’t a lot of it around at that time. Still, a willingness to explore these magical hours can yield some wonderful results.

How I did It – Listen to your inner photographer. Usually my photographs of a moon rise are the product of careful planning. Not this one. One Friday afternoon, my wife and I happened to run into some friends and we were having a great time catching up. All of a sudden a little voice in my head told me to leave, so I did. While I was driving home the full moon rose. I wasn’t even aware there was a full moon, let alone that it was rising at dusk which is such an ideal time. An image popped into my mind and I raced to that location just in time to capture it. We all have an inner voice, an inner photographer, that it pays to listen to it once in a while.