A Little Piece of the New Hampshire Landscape

Glowing Japanese Maple

Glowing Japanese Maple by Richard Lewis 2014

Once in a while something really nice makes itself known to your camera and you can’t wait to share it. This Japanese Maple is next to my brother’s home in New Hampshire. We spent a few days there visiting and on this particular morning I headed out early to photograph the area but gave up when it started to rain hard.

While we were enjoying breakfast, the rain stopped and and the sun stated to work its way through the clouds causing the wet landscape around the house to glow, particularly this Japanese maple with its red leaves. As much as I was enjoying the conversation, this was one photograph I could not pass up the opportunity to create.

How I Did It – Deciding how to express beauty in a photograph is as important as discovering the beauty. In this case I felt inspired by the French Impressionists and their interpretation of light and color. What was going on in front of my lens was all about the play of light and color and not the beautiful tree. I used a tighter composition to keep the tree and the background somewhat abstract. Thanks for the inspiration Claude Monet.