Some random landscapes from an amazing trip.

My wife and I prefer to travel alone so we can set our own pace and go where we choose to. Alaska’s Inside Passage is a large wilderness waterway that is only accessible by ship or plane. To travel on our own there would have been beyond our means, so we chose a small cruise ship (pictured below) that carried 60 passengers.

The Wilderness Adventurer in Alaska by Richard LewisThe Wilderness Adventurer by Richard Lewis 2014

This ship was was an interesting vehicle by which to experience the area. It was small enough to allow us to get to places the big cruise ships cannot go and we formed a nice bond with both the other passengers and crew. All of us had developed an overwhelming appreciation for the astounding beauty of Alaska’s Inside Passage.

Seeing large glaciers, up close and personal is something unusual for a guy from the New Jersey Pine Barrens. We hiked to Baird Glacier and only had about 45 minutes to spend there. Most of that time I spent running around trying to capture this beautiful chunk of ice. I wish we had more time so I could have just sat and stared at if for a while.

Baird Glacier in Alaska by Richard Lewis

Baird Glacier by Richard Lewis 2014

We visited the Mendenhall Glacier located right outside of Juneau before the cruise. It is interesting to drive through suburban neighborhoods to get to a glacier. I was fortunate to be able to photograph it early one peaceful morning before it started raining.

Mendenhall Hall Glacier in Alaska at Dawn by Richard Lewis

Mendenhall Hall Glacier at Dawn by Richard Lewis 2014

Here are a couple of other random landscapes from our trip.

Sunset in Alaska's Inside Passage by Richard Lewis 2014

Sunset in Alaska’s Inside Passage by Richard Lewis 2014

Misty Fjords Alaska by Richard Lewis

Misty Fjords 2 by Richard Lewis 2014

My normal procedure after a trip is to work virtually nonstop to process the images. The overwhelming number of photographs (over 5000 shutter clicks) and being very busy with commercial photography assignments and marketing consulting is keeping me from finishing this project. I’ve got more to share with you and will be posting more soon.


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