If Ansel Adams had an iPhone, would he use the camera?

One Glorious Afternoon by Richard Lewis

One Glorious Afternoon by Richard Lewis 2014 – App: Snapseed

The Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain in New Jersey is a nice park with a lot of hiking trails. Although the terrain gives you a great workout, the park is not the most scenic place and I usually do not take any camera gear.  We recently decided to walk one of our favorite routes in the opposite direction. The trail goes through a meadow and there is the large tree near the edge of it. I’ve seen this tree many times from our regular route. It never caught my eye because the background is not very interesting.

However, coming from the other way, the big old tree got my attention. It looked quite majestic in the muted afternoon light with nothing but the meadow behind it. Armed with only an iPhone, I had to stop and make this photograph. There are photographs everywhere you choose to see them. I guess I chose not to see them at Baldpate Mountain until changing my direction made this photograph impossible to miss.