Finding peace in a place known as the Pine Barrens

Summer Sunrise by Richard Lewis

Summer Sunrise by Richard Lewis 2015

3 Cedars in the Early Evening by Richard Lewis

3 Cedars in the Early Evening by Richard Lewis 2015

Life has kept me from this blog recently. The one overwhelming event was passing of my Mother-In-Law. She was 92 and in poor health so it was not unexpected. Still, it is always a sad thing to lose a loved one. There were moments during all of this when I felt the need to get away. Fortunately I live in the New Jersey Pinelands so a quick escape into the woods is always near by.

Although anytime is a good time to be out in nature, I find that around sunrise or sunset is by far the most magical. Not just for photography, but to experience that quiet transition from night to day and day to night. These two photographs are from visits to some favorite places when the day cooperated to provide some wonderful light when I needed to be reminded of the beauty all around us.

When people that are big parts of your life and family age and pass away, it is nice to know that nature and our own New Jersey wilderness is here when we need a place to find some solace.