Tool of the Defender by Richard Lewis

Tool of the Defender by Richard Lewis 2015

No American has trouble remembering what happened on September 11, 2001. Our country was attacked and civilians died, not soldiers. We were all thrown into a different world. Today, I’m thinking of those who died in a senseless act of terrorism, and those who are wearing military uniforms that dedicate themselves to preventing any more of these acts.

I recently was accepted into the Honorary Commander’s program at a large military base in my area. It is an effort to make a connection between the service people on this base and the civilian community. It must be working because every time I go there for one event or another, I’m impressed with these soldiers.

Like all things in the military there was a ceremony when I, and other civilians, were installed as Honorary Commanders. It took place in an aircraft hanger and afterwards I glanced out the door on to the tarmac and saw this lone plane parked there. It caught my eye along with that ominous sky. To me it symbolizes how the safety and freedom of our nation is defended by a dedicated few.

Fortunately I had my iPhone and went to work.

Remember 9-11