Creepiness in a Not-So-Old and Abandoned Home

Old and abandoned buildings are usually a ruin that results from age and abuse. Damage from water, mold, deterioration, and vandalism is commonplace and expected when entering one.  I recently photographed an old bungalow that was a bit different. Parts of the home were in pretty good shape. A little time with a broom and mop would make the place look like it was never abandoned.

It felt strange, creepy actually, being inside this house. Although it had been years since anyone lived there, I couldn’t help feeling like I was invading someone’s home.

The Living Room

The living room was in relatively good condition with cheery wallpaper and a need for a thorough cleaning. I was drawn to the old television set which was a throwback to another time. Even the idea of a TV as a common item in every home is diminishing as more people watch their visual entertainment on computers and mobile devices.

Bygone Entertainment by Richard Lewis

Bygone Entertainment by Richard Lewis 2015

It was interesting and a bit odd that amid the mess were decorations in good condition hanging on the walls.

Old Bungalow Hallway by Richard Lewis

Old Bungalow Hallway by Richard Lewis 2015

The Kitchen

The kitchen was deteriorating with peeling paint and disconnected plumbing. Yet the decorative objects, cleaners and dishes looking like they were recently used, gave a really creepy, lived-in, feeling. The title of this photograph, by the way, is the year on the old date book laying on top of the ironing board. I did look through it. Nothing was written inside, so it gave no insights as to when this bungalow ceased to be a home.

1976 by Richard Lewis

1976 by Richard Lewis 2015

The rest of the bungalow was more like one would expect an old and abandoned building to look like, yet the stairway to the basement still had a clean little knick-knack hanging on the wall.

Bungalow Bedroom by Richard Lewis

Bungalow Bedroom by Richard Lewis 2015

Bungalow Basement by Richard Lewis

Bungalow Basement by Richard Lewis 2015

I’m starting to feel more and more of an obligation to photograph and document some of our local old and abandoned places. As they all start to disappear, their histories and memories of them will also fade.