Three out of four isn’t bad, right?

We all have our favorite places and this is one of mine. I pass this old barn almost every day and its elegant, simple utilitarian architecture calls to me. Recently, I photographed the barn in the early Spring and realized that I now have images of it in three of the four seasons. Summer is absent because the barn is almost totally obscured by the trees, vegetation and crops growing around it.

All of these photographs were made from the roadside because I have not been able to get permission to approach the barn. It is an active farm and the very nice family that owns it has graciously denied my requests to walk across their field get closer.

Old New Jersey Barn in Fall by Richard Lewis

Old Barn In Fall by Richard Lewis 2013

Blue Hour Low Light Photography

Blue Hour by Richard Lewis 2014

Late Fall in Burlington New Jersey by Richard Lewis

Late Fall in Burlington by Richard Lewis 2015

Winter Textures in Burlington New Jersey by Richard Lewis

Winter Textures by Richard Lewis 2013

Burlington New Jersey Barn In Spring by Richard Lewis

An Old Barn In Spring by Richard Lewis 2016

In spite of only being able to photograph it from the side of the road, this old ramshackle barn offers several very nice compositions thanks to a 70-200mm telephoto lens. Even if I can’t get any closer for now, being able to show the barn in almost every season from similar vantage points creates a nice set of images. I hope you agree.