Finding the Wonder in the Simple

The Tucquan Glen Nature Preserve is located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. I was surprised at how beautiful this little preserve is as it follows the cascading Tucquan Creek down to the Susquehanna River. The hiking trails look well traveled so I was happy to be there on a cold weekday that was free of the weekend and fair weather crowds.

I left the tranquil Tucquan Creek and continued onto the more rugged Conestoga Trail. This trail follows the Susquehanna River and heads up and down a couple of steep hills to my ultimate destination, an overlook called The Pinnacle. By the way, there are two overlooks in Pennsylvania called the Pinnacle, not that anyone would be confused. This particular Pinnacle has an outstanding view of the the river below.

The Tucquan Creek


Tucquan Creek Lancaster PA

Tucquan Creek 3 by Richard Lewis 2017



Tucquan Creek Lancaster PA

Tucquan Creek 2 by Richard Lewis 2017

The Conestoga Trail


Rock Outcropping On The Susquehanna Conestoga Trail

Rock Outcropping On The Susquehanna 1 by Richard Lewis 2017


Rock Outcropping On The Susquehanna Conestoga Trail

Rock Outcropping On The Susquehanna by Richard Lewis 2017


Weeping Rocks by Richard Lewis 2017

The Pinnacle


Pinnacle Overlook Susquehanna River PA

Pinnacle Overlook by Richard Lewis 2017

Pennsylvania could easily be known as the “Waterfall State” since they are everywhere. Well known waterfalls in the Delaware Water Gap and Ricketts Glenn State Park are beautiful and attract photographers from all over. That being said, the little cascades that pass for waterfalls in Lancaster County may pale by comparison to their big brothers elsewhere in the state, but I could not help being thoroughly charmed by them.

Photography Tip:  Dare to be influenced. The whole time I was hiking here, I kept seeing scenes that reminded me of the landscape paintings of the Pennsylvania Impressionists and the Hudson River School artists. Both of these groups have played a major role in the shaping of my style of photography. Every time I stopped and set up my tripod, I let that influence guide my hand as I composed the photograph and eventually processed the finished images. These artists were known for composition, use of light, and tonality. I hope I did them a little justice with my work here.

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