Color, renewal and growth

It’s been a while since my last blog post so here are some recent images and a promise that there are other posts in the works.

The hardest thing about the New Jersey Pinelands is deciding which season is your favorite. Just when I fell in love with the cold quiet of winter with its muted textures and color, spring happened. All of a sudden the forest sprang to life with color in the trees and wildflowers starting to show themselves. Ahh spring, How can you not love it. The problem is that this happens every year, 4 times a year. Just as I’m seduced by one season another one comes along to make its unique mark on the Pinelands. Below are some recent photographs of spring in the Pinelands

Pine Barrens Textures

Forest Texture by Richard Lewis 2019


Pine Barrens Foggy Spring Morning

Foggy Spring Morning by Richard Lewis 2019


Pinelands Evening Light by Richard Lewis 2019

Spring Peak

While fall colors are astounding, spring ain’t too bad around here. Yellow buds, many shades of green,  flowering trees and red buds on the maples make for a beautiful array of color

Pine Barrens Spring Tangle

Spring Tangle by Richard Lewis


Intimate Spring Landscape Pine Barrens

Intimate Spring Landscape by Richard Lewis 2019


Spring Light by Richard Lewis 2019


Oswego Lake Sunset by Richard Lewis 2019


Great White Egret In Spring by Richard Lewis 2019


Last Light On The Savanna by Richard Lewis 2019


Early Bog Asphodel by Richard Lewis 2019


As spring slides into summer, I hope you enjoy this brief glimpse of a beautiful season in the New Jersey Pinelands.


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