A Stormy Start In California

This is a photography blog, but sometimes there is a story that has nothing to do with image making, but still needs to be told. So, here goes. My wife and I consider ourselves pretty savvy travelers, but we were recently scammed in Lake Tahoe. A hotel we booked called the Tahoma Lodge was boarded up when we arrived. Later locals told us it had been closed for years. Fortunately, we ended up not losing any money. Even more fortunately, this lead to a real life affirming experience.

Standing in front of this boarded up building, we met a local couple who offered us a cabin on their property to use. I know what you are thinking and we thought it too. Never trust strangers who invite you to a remote cabin, but instinct told us it was okay. It was. The cabin was beautiful and right on Lake Tahoe. The couple, well, they were amazing people. We spent quite a bit of time on their deck talking about everything from life, family, religion, growing up in the area and then some. We also had access to the lake from their property and it yielded some great photography.

Emerald Bay

We picked the original location in Tahoma, California because it was close to Emerald Bay which has commanding views, the beautiful Eagle Falls and and access to hiking in the Desolation Wilderness.

Lake Tahoe First Light On Emerald Bay by Richard Lewis 2019


Eagle Falls Sunset by Richard Lewis 2019


Eagle Falls by Richard Lewis 2019


Early Mountain Light by Richard Lewis 2019


Lake Tahoe

All of the photographs in this set would not have been possible if we didn’t have the access to the lake that the wonderful people we met provided.

Lake Tahoe Glow by Richard Lewis 2019


Lake Tahoe Sunrise by Richard Lewis 2019


Storm On Lake Tahoe by Richard Lewis 2019


Reno and Surroundings.

After a few days on Lake Tahoe we went to a family wedding outside of Reno, Nevada where we managed to find a little time to get out and photograph the local landscape.

Somewhere Outside Of Reno by Richard Lewis 2019


Water Slide by Richard Lewis 2019



Morning On The Yuba River by Richard Lewis 2019


Along The Yuba River by Richard Lewis 2019


Old Homestead by Richard Lewis 2019


Darkness To Light by Richard Lewis 2019


Final thoughts? Most people are pretty decent and some go above and beyond to help. It was a real blessing to not just have access to this wonderful little cabin on Lake Tahoe, but to spend time getting to know some truly remarkable people.


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