Quick Hits: Keeping Iconic Locations Iconic

I’ve had a few discussions recently about photographing iconic landscape locations. They are iconic for a reason so tend to be over photographed. The only way to have a stand out image in an iconic spot is to catch spectacular light or do something completely different.

This spot on the Shane’s Branch in the New Jersey Pine Barrens may not attract hordes of photographers, but it is a local icon well known to us locals. I’ve photographed it many times, but never at night. After figuring out when the moon would pass over the water, I was there to create this photograph.

The scene upon arriving blew me away, which hasn’t happened in a long time here. I didn’t expect night mist or that the moon light would be so bright that it would backlight the leaves in the foreground.

I’ve been using a new catch phrase these days “Witness to Wonder”. This is one of the times when that happened.


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