Big Sur California

We first visited Big Sur California in 2012 and recently made a second trip there. More than one person I know emphatically states that Big Sur is the most beautiful place in the world. I’ll just let the images speak for themselves.

Usually these posts have an instructional element to them, but with this one it felt better to just show these photographs and allow you to enjoy the scenery. Okay, a little instruction. Many of the photographs of the coastline were made using a long exposure. The camera’s shutter was left open for anywhere from 5 to 30 seconds. The result is that moving things like the crashing waves and rough sea tend to even out creating a more surreal feel to image. The result also adds some serenity in this high energy landscape

Big Sur Coastline by Richard Lewis 2020


Big Sur Dawn by Richard Lewis 2020


Here’s an interesting comparison of the same location photographed 8 years apart. Is it a coincidence that the conditions were almost identical both times?

Big Sur Storm Light by Richard Lewis 2020


Storm Light On Big Sur by Richard Lewis 2012


We happened to be in Big Sur on the birthday of the great black and white landscape photographer, Ansel Adams. It seemed appropriate to create at least one black and white photograph.

Big Sur Coastline by Richard Lewis 2020


The iconic spot in Big Sur is McWay Falls, a popular spot to watch and photograph the sun setting against this little cove with a small waterfall.

McWay Falls, Big Sur California by Richard Lewis 2020


Big Sur is known for its rocky coastline with steep cliffs. However, one morning while at Soberanes Point, it seemed like I was in Iceland. The scene below is different from the typical Big Sur landscape.

Big Sur Imitating Iceland by Richard Lewis 2020


Lilies of the Valley

The Calla Lily Valley is a small shady gorge the has hundreds of lily flowers. When we were there most of the flowers were past their prime so we photographed individual lilies. The images in this grouping are by my wife, Vivian and myself.

Lily Bud Big Sur California by Richard Lewis 2020


Lily Flower 2 by Vivian Lewis 2020


Lily Flower 1 by Vivian Lewis 2020


Big Surf in Big Sur

For several days in Big Sur the surf was up creating some great opportunities to witness and photograph very large waves crashing on the rocky coastline. The power and energy created was amazing. Every time one of these large waves crashed against the rocks, the ground shook.

When Water Meets Rock 1 by Richard Lewis 2020


When Water Meets Rock 2 by Richard Lewis 2020


When Water Meets Rock 3 by Richard Lewis 2020

Last Shot

Twilight In Big Sur California by Richard Lewis 2020


This seems to be a good way to finish this post. As darkness settled on Big Sur one evening, the sunset afterglow broke through a thick cloud cover .

Well, what do you think, is Big Sur California the most beautiful place in the world?


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