Exploring Over 1,000,000 acres

My last blog post was about fall mist in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, but the 2020 fall season had a lot more to it then a few misty mornings. It’s been a busy one. Pandemic restrictions lifted enough to so I could start holding small photography workshops. My webinar on photographing the New Jersey Pine Barrens for the B&H Event Space attracted a number of people who wanted custom workshops and lessons. But the big thing has been finishing up a 2+ year book project.

Photographing the New Jersey Pine Barrens – The Book

There are books about the Pine Barrens’ natural environment and quirky history. There are also guide books for outdoor enthusiasts. One book that is missing is a photography guide, and for the last 2+ years I’ve been working on rectifying that. This guide, when published in 2021 will contain over 50 locations with descriptions, directions, recommended camera equipment and more.

Finishing up the book had me traveling all over the Pines 1,000,000+ acres to photograph fall scenes in private preserves, state forests, parks and wildlife management areas. It was quite a journey and the Pine Barrens did not disappoint. Below are some recent images that will be appearing in the book.

Waining Fall by Richard Lewis 2020


Belleplain State Forest Late Fall by Richard Lewis 2020


Mullica Fog by Richard Lewis 2020


Pine Barrens Canyon by Richard Lewis 2020


Fall Colors

Fall hasn’t been all work and no play. Okay, even my work is play these days, but it was great to have time to wander around the Pines photographing the landscape dressed up for fall.

Fall In The Bogs by Richard Lewis 2020


Early Fall Meadow by Richard Lewis 2020


Rainy Fall Morning by Richard Lewis 2020


Leaning Trees by Richard Lewis 2020


River Panorama by Richard Lewis 2020


A Pine Barrens Sunset

My previous blog post had misty images from other morning workshops, but this sunset workshop in the Franklin Parker Preserve had a special treat. This preserve is a jewel of the Pine Barrens and on this particular workshop we were able to photograph the sunset and a full moon rise shortly afterwards. It has been very rewarding partnering with the New Jersey Conservation Foundation on these workshops.

Evening In The Franklin Parker Preserve by Richard Lewis 2020


End Of The Day

End Of The Day by Richard Lewis 2020


Last Light by Richard Lewis


Moonrise by Richard Lewis 2020


Last Signs Of Fall

The fall colors hung on until early November due to unseasonably warm weather and a late frost. Still this isn’t the end note for beauty in the Pine Barrens, it is just the transition to winter which is another season always worthy of exploring.

Final Days Of Fall by Richard Lewis 2020


Although my book is in its final stages, here is a free guide to 5 locations in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. While you are clicking links, here is some information on my photography workshops. Stay tuned for spring dates.