The Blog Post That Isn’t a Blog Post

Not long ago there was a major wildfire in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. Pine Barrens forest fires are part of the ecology so there is do doubt that the Pines will recover, sort of. This wildfire was different. It was big, covering over 13,500 acres in some well travelled areas of the Pine Barrens. In addition to its size, this Pine Barrens forest fire also burned some very environmentally sensitive areas, like the bogs and savannas, where many rare plants and wildflowers grow. While these areas will also recover, no one is sure exactly what will happen and what will grow.

I have been photographing as much of the effects of this Pine Barrens forest fire as possible. It will be an ongoing photography project. Not only is there a need to photograph the damage, but it is even more important to photograph how the forest areas recover.

Because this is an ongoing project, I created a web gallery dedicated to the  Pine Barrens Wildfire of 2022. Hopefully it is the only big Pine Barrens forest fire we get for a long time.This blog post is a way to introduce the Pine Barrens forest fire gallery. The photographs posted here are just a small sampling of what is in the gallery now. Please follow the link to see all the images and check back to see the other photographs that will be posted as I photograph the recovery of the forest.


Here is the web gallery:

A few photographs from this project. There are more in the web gallery.

The World In Green and Brown by Richard Lewis 2022


Burned Pitcher Plant by Richard Lewis 2022


Hope Springs Eternal 1 by Richard Lewis 2022


Burned Cedars 1 by Richard Lewis 2022


Burn Through The Mist by Richard Lewis 2022


It’s been about a month since the fire and already some areas of the forest are recovering. More photographs will be posted in the web gallery as I finish them. As always, please feel free to comment below about this project.