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Hello, I’m Richard Lewis.

I’m an impressionistic landscape photographer from New Jersey.

My love for photography began when I met my wife in 1973. She had a camera and a bunch of black and white film. Since then I have worked as a commercial photographer but my passion is in fine art landscapes, abandoned buildings and interesting people.

My mother managed and eventually owned an art gallery in New Hope, Pennsylvania in the 1960’s and 70’s, so my earliest exposure to art came from painters. As a result of those influences, I always tried to create photographs that look like paintings. This doesn’t mean making paintings out of photographs but creating photographs that have the same feel that a great landscape painting exudes.

Digital photography provides ability to edit and continue creating images after the camera’s shutter captured the scene. It is here that I finally found my voice with photography and created a style I call “Painting with a Camera”.


  • Photographic Society of America
  • South Jersey Camera Club
  • Pinelands Photography Group
  • Maple Shade Moorestown Camera Club
  • Pennsylvania Center For Photography
  • Medford Arts Center
  • Mobitog Mobile Photographers Group
  • Pinelands Preservation Alliance
  • Volunteer photographer for the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep organization

The processes I use involves blending contrasts (light) with saturation and hue (color). The goal is to create a mood in my photography that I wish to share with the viewer along with the subject. In the past I have always envied painters who used color and light to create mood. Now as a digital photographer I have a similar ability too.

There are also techniques that can be done done while the image is being created. All photographers use the effect of light, lenses and composition to create their art. I also like to use the weather. Rain, wind and snow can create a natural texture and very surreal realities in the landscape. Wind can create a sense of motion and abstractness. There are a whole host of other things that make it necessary for me to add checking the weather forecast when planning a photo shoot.

I hope you enjoy the images you see here. Feel free to connect with me by email or find out more about my work on my blog. The internet is a great way for artists of all kinds in all places to communicate and share thoughts and ideas.

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