Painting With A Camera

My adventure with photography began in 1973 when I met my wife and her 35mm camera. Ever since then I’ve been involved with photography in one way or another as a professional and fine art photographer.

My biggest influences are great landscape painters like Andrew Wyeth, the artists of the Hudson River School and the Pennsylvania Impressionists. As a result, I create photographs that have a painterly look. Painterly does not mean creating photographs that look like paintings. A great landscape painting expresses the artist’s impression of a place in a way that is more important than what the scene actually looks like. It is my impression of what I’m looking at that I wish to share with you in my photography.

I’ve always felt a great sense of awe at being outside in nature and have been an avid hiker for as long as I’ve been a photographer. In recent years I expanded my work beyond landscape photography and try to take that same sense of awe to all of my work.

I use a professional digital camera, drone and an iPhone to craft a vision of the landscape around me.