The Ultimate
Pine Barrens
Photography Guide Book

Photographing The New Jersey Pine Barrens

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The biggest challenge to photographing the New Jersey Pine Barrens is knowing where to go. After years of exploring the Pines, I’ve created the ultimate photography guide to the New Jersey Pine Barrens.

    • 204 pages.
    • Over 50 easy to get to beautiful locations.
    • Detailed shooting location information.
    • Over 120 full color photographs.
    • Equipment recommendations.
    • GPS coordinates.
    • Driving directions.
    • And more!

This is a special, limited edition of the book that has been printed on heavy high quality matte coated paper. 

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Some comments from readers of the Pine Barrens Photography Guide.

“Rich Lewis is a phenomenal landscape photographer!! His knowledge and skills of the medium along with the New Jersey Pine Barrens is second to no one!! For anyone who is interested in learning more about the place, and/or photography, this book is a must have!!!”

“I got mine! It’s awesome!”

“After looking through Rich Lewis’ new book I cannot wait to get back into the woods and start exploring, creating, photographing again. This book is truly an inspiration to do better work. Thanks for the creative kick in the butt.”

“I have had the pleasure of doing two workshops with Rich Lewis and I am doing a third in October. His passion for the Pine Barrens is matched by his photography. I highly recommend his book!”

“For anyone wanting to photograph the Pine Barrens, get this new book from Rich Lewis showing locations and how to get there, and best times to photograph. A must have.”

“Photographers & Pine Barrens explorers are going to find this a goldmine of value for discovering some spectacular images!” 

“I think this just may be THE definitive resource for Pinelands photography. Thank you for spending so much time putting all of this wonderful information together and sharing it.”


A brief Q&A about this Pine Barrens Photography Guide book. 

Why write a photography guide book for the Pine Barrens?

Besides being asked to do so by many people who have attended my photography workshops and lectures, I realized that with all the amazing books on the Pine Barrens, including historical, guidebooks and coffee table books, there was no photography guide. The Pine Barrens are over a million acres of a uniquely beautiful landscape, but there are few, if any, places listed for photographers to find that beauty. This book solves that with complete information on over 50 locations that are easy to get to. There is also an extensive introduction with tips on how to photograph the Pines, details on getting around, recommended equipment, and more.

How did you put this photography guide to the Pine Barrens together?

This was an adventure. I have spent many years exploring and photographing the Pine Barrens, but there were places that I have rarely, or never visited. So I made it a point to explore these places to find the most photogenic areas. Notes were taken, GPS coordinates recorded and, of course, photographs were made.

Once I had the data, I came up with over 50 locations based on my original guideline to only list locations that are easy to get to for just about anyone. Still the information for each of these locations needed to be put together in a consistent way that is easy to follow. Fortunately there are many photography guidebooks for other areas. I researched the good and bad ones to develop the system I used in this book. Each of the more than 50 locations has information about what it is, how to get there, what to photograph once you are there, and more.

Does a photographer need a ton of photography gear to photograph the Pine Barrens?

Absolutely not! I have a complete list of recommended equipment for the serious or professional photographer, but beginners, amateur and non-photographs can use this guide to create amazing photographs of the Pine Barrens with whatever they have.

Is this guide book just for photographers wanting to photograph the Pine Barrens?

Well, it is a photography guide, but is also one of the only books written with information about scenic and historic places in the Pine Barrens. So it can be used by just about anyone wanting to explore the Pines. Plus, most of us are carrying a camera in our pockets. Smartphones have amazing cameras capable of creating beautiful photography.

Does the reader of this Pine Barrens photography guide book need to hike long distances or buy a 4×4 vehicle to get around?

Again, absolutely not! The premise for this book has always been to find photogenic locations that are easy to get to. These are places that can be reached in an ordinary car and maybe a short walk. Access to all the locations are rated on a scale from 1 (super easy) to 5 (challenging) and just about all are in the easier categories. That being said, each location has a Going Further section for people who wants explore areas that would require a longer hike or a good pair of waterproof boots.

In a few words, what is this Pine Barrens photography guide book all about?

This is a basically a guidebook for landscape photography. There is a lot to photograph in the Pine Barrens for wildlife, macro and other photographers. Although I didn’t have the room to go into detail, if a location is a great place for other types of photography, like birds, it is mentioned.

See more of my New Jersey Pine Barrens photography here.

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I will sign your book I and am happy to add an inscription, just add it in the space below.