Informative and Entertaining Photography Presentations

I’m happy to judge camera club competitions, juried shows and exhibitions.

Entertaining and informative photography presentations will instruct and show your group great places both local and distant. The instructional photography presentations provide insights on creativity and the practical techniques for making great photographs.

Presentation Topics – All presentations are updated every year with new information and photographs.

Finding Your Creative Voice: Learn how 1 simple word and 4 questions can change your photography VERY POPULAR

Every photographer needs to find their unique creative voice. It is the basic building block of creating a unique photographic style that allows a photographer to make photographs that do not look like everyone else. So how does someone develop a style? It was something I struggled with for years until I realized a simple solution… Ask questions. In this presentation I teach you 4 simple questions whose answers will lead you to define your style. I also teach one important key word that will drive everything you do with your photography, and possibly your life. This presentation is full of examples of how this questioning approach lead to creative solutions based on a unique creative voice.


Photographing the New Jersey Pinelands, Our Wilderness Next Door VERY POPULAR

I’ve been photographing this uniquely special wilderness for over 30 years. Learn the secrets of the Pinelands including finding locations, composing images in this unusual environment and what equipment to bring with you. Please inquire about adding an optional 1 day photography workshop as at discounted price in the Pinelands in addition to this presentation. 


Attitude, Inspiration and Composition: A No BS Approach To Photography NEWLY UPDATED AND VERY POPULAR

This isn’t a lesson in basic composition, it is a serious, but entertaining look at the 3 fundamentals building blocks required to create great photography.


Photographing with Drones: Bring your photography to new heights! NEW

Drones can provide a photographer a whole new way to create. This presentation will cover how to use a drone to create awesome aerial abstracts, elevated landscapes, photographs with interesting and unusual camera angles, and more. Also covered are useful accessories and what you need to know to fly a drone legally.


Night Photography, NOT Night Sky Photography  NEW

There are many great presenters who teach how to photograph the night sky, the Milky Way and star trails. That is astrophotography. This presentation looks beyond the Milky Way. Actually, this presentation explores how to photograph the things below the Milky Way. The world is very different at night. Familiar places like your own backyard become ominous and otherworldly. Your town or local park may not seem photogenic during the day, but at night the ordinary can become extraordinary.

This presentation is designed to inspire and instruct. Learn how to use your camera in the dark when most automatic camera settings do not work. Learn to find and work with the little bit of light that night affords like moonlight, twilight and the lights in towns and cities. These and other tips and tricks will help you get out of the dark about photographing in the dark.


What is Photography? You just may be surprised NEW

Since photography transitioned from film to digital, the door to continue the creative process after the shutter is clicked was opened.  Post processing has caused more arguments, discussion and rules in photography since color film overtook black and white film. So what has changed since digital photography? Are photographs really different? You just might be surprised by the answer during this entertaining and informative discussion of exactly what is photography and what you need to know to create great photographs no matter what kind of camera you use.


What Judges look for in Competitions and Exhibitions

This is a fun, yet very frank look at the hardest job any photographer can do… Judging! We’ll examine both the objective and subjective things that make a photograph great and exhibition worthy. Plus, YOU GET TO BE THE JUDGE! This is a presentation with audience participation and you get to judge some of my work and the work of the photography masters. You’ll discover that no photograph is perfect.


Neighborhood Nukes, How To Do A Photography Project

Learn how weave photographic story that goes beyond the individual images you create. This presentation uses my work documenting abandoned Cold War Nike Missile bases as an example. Note: This presentation has also been adapted to be a more historical presentation for historical societies and military organizations. 


Hidden Treasures, Photographing Abandoned Buildings

There is a certain allure of abandoned buildings that attracts photographers. This presentation will show my work with abandoned places, including cold war military bases, industrial sites, and neglected, but important historic sites. It also covers specific approaches to photographing the strange and surreal beauty of forgotten places safely and without getting arrested.

Presentations can be customized and adapted to any meeting format. I am also happy to judge photo competitions if you hold them. For more information, you can fill out the form below or email me at


“I didn’t know what to expect last night of your Pine Barrens photography presentation but you blew me away. The artistic aspect of your photos were incredible.”

-Monmouth County Camera Club

“Thanks for last night your judging was spot on. Will you be available to judge next season?”

-Ocean County Camera Club

“Everyone thought you did an excellent job in judging the many images presented – it was a difficult assignment and you handled the task very well.”

-Cranbury Digital Camera Club

“Your presentation on Finding Your Creative Voice was outstanding. It really opened my eyes to the creative process. the photographs displayed were amazing too. We greatly appreciate you presenting to our club.”

-Lehigh Valley Photography Club

Camera Club Presentation Request

Camera Club Presentation Request