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On my Blog, I’ve published How I Did It tips on some of my posts. I’ve started to collect them here so they can be read independently from the photograph or photographs I’m writing about.

12_harriman-stoney-brook-5-web-sm-2The more intimate you get with a subject, photographically, the more important the depth of field becomes. This is the maximum and minimum distance away from the camera that things are in focus. The closer you get to something the narrower that distance is. Therefore when photographing the intimate landscape a tripod is a necessity because the depth of field is increased by stopping down the aperture of the lens to f16 or smaller. This lets less light in the camera so that must be compensated by a longer shutter speed. It is difficult to hold a camera still in your hands for anything longer than an instant so mounting the camera on a good sturdy tripod becomes very necessary in order to get a sharp photograph.

A Handy Tip: The wider angle the lens is the deeper the depth of fields is.

14_tremont-creek-warped-web-1024x683The technique of photographing flowing water uses a slow shutter speed, usually around 1 second, which may require a neutral density filter. A polarizing filter is also useful to control glare and reflection. Once you master the techniques to create images of beautiful silky flowing water, you will need to look at the rest of the scene you are creating. If the area surrounding the creek or the creek itself is full of unsightly debris or if the entire scene is compositionally challenging, you might need to find a better spot. Depending on your feelings about altering a photograph, removing less flattering things with a little “digital landscaping” might also be something worth considering. The difference between a really good photograph and a really great one is paying attention to the details and controlling the composition of the scene you are capturing.

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