Composite Photography

An Old Train Through the Lens of iPhoneography

2017-05-19T10:36:07-04:00December 23rd, 2014|

New forms of art are not exempt from the old rules of composition. Old Train in Red White and Blue by Richard Lewis 2014 Recently I went to photograph some old train cars and decided to only use an iPhone camera. iPhoneography can inspire a more surreal and impressionistic view of old and abandoned things. When framing this photograph I realized that in [...]

iPhoneography at Fonthill Castle

2017-05-19T10:36:09-04:00November 19th, 2014|

With iPhoneography, the process helps drives the vision Fonthill Castle in Doylestown, Pennsylvania is much more than just the early 20th century historic home of an eccentric millionaire. It is a challenging and amazing place to photograph and a boot camp for composition. My previous blog post about photographing here featured images made with my regular camera. The images in this post were created [...]

Finding Meaning With iPhoneography

2017-05-19T10:36:09-04:00October 24th, 2014|

Putting the Art in SmART Phone Photography One thing I've learned about iPhoneography, or Smart Phone Art, is that it is more about telling a story, or conveying a mood, than it is about the image itself. At least it is for me. Here are some recent iPhone images. They are composites. All the pieces were taken with an iPhone and processed on an iPad [...]