The Breakthrough by Richard Lewis 2022

Pine Barrens Cedar Swamp Photography Workshop

Returning in the Spring of 2025

Plus a video orientation meeting.


Join me for a Unique and Rewarding Photographic Experience!

Cedar Light 3 by Richard Lewis 2023

$200.00 – limited to 4 participants

The Atlantic White Cedar swamps are probably the most interesting and rewarding places to photograph in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. These fascinating and endangered trees grow in tightly packed wetlands. The thick forest canopy above the cedars creates an almost mystical environment with some of the most unusual light you will ever see. The trouble is that cedar swamps can be difficult to get into, and once you are there, many are overgrown, cluttered and not that photogenic.

Now the trouble of scouting and and finding the best swamps has been done for you. I have been exploring the cedars of the Pine Barrens for over 5 years and have discovered a series of swamps that are close together and comprise everything from young to mature trees growing in amazingly beautiful environments.

During this workshop we will visit several areas and photograph from the late afternoon to after sunset. Once it starts to get dark, we will play around with light painting to create even more otherworldly landscapes in the cedar swamps. Before the workshop there will be a Zoom meeting at the participants convenience where we will go over what to expect in a cedar swamp, recommended gear, photographic tips, and how to get around in a swamp.

Important Requirements

  • Participants must be able to walk from 1 to 2 miles on uneven and wet ground with your camera gear.
  • This workshop may also require kneeling and maneuvering around in tight spaces.
  • A good understanding of your camera and the elements of exposure.
  • A tripod and cable release.
  • Waterproof rubber boots, Neos overshoes, or waders. We will discuss this in more detail at our Zoom meeting.
  • Polarizer filter is not required but highly recommended.


Notes on cedar swamp photography workshops

  • This workshop is limited to 4 people so I can give you the individualized advice and instruction in a small group. 
  • I always bring my camera, but I’m not there to shoot, I’m there for you. If there is an unusual opportunity I may set up my camera, but primarily I have it to use for instruction.
  • Nature and weather are unpredictable, especially in the Pine Barrens. Each day can bring a different experience, so understanding that it is important to keep the workshop itinerary flexible will help ensure the goal that you get great photographs while experiencing the beautiful New Jersey Pinelands.
  • Speaking of weather, we will photograph in most conditions, rain or shine. However, heavy rain and other dangerous weather conditions may force the workshop to be rescheduled. I will do everything I can to accommodate everyone’s schedule in rescheduling.
  • You are free to cancel and get a full refund up to 30 days before the workshop. Within 30 days, if we can fill your slot, you will receive a credit for your fee that can be applied to any other workshop within the next 12 months. We will make every effort to fill your slot.
  • Once you register, I will send you more details about the workshop including a list of recommended equipment and clothing.
  • The cost of the this workshop covers the instruction and access to the locations we will be photographing at. It does not include transportation, to and from the workshop, lodging, meals, etc. 

Custom Tours

Let me know what you want to do and I’ll make it happen. We can mix instructional sessions or just explore the Pinelands. Contact me for more information and pricing.

For questions or more information please email me here. 


Some Photographs from the swamps we will be visiting.

Cedars At Dusk by Richard Lewis 2022


Tangled by Richard Lewis 2020


Young Cedars by Richard Lewis 2022


The Enlightened Swamp 6 by Richard Lewis 2023