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Photographing the New Jersey Pine Barrens

The Pine Barrens are a unique wilderness, but they are anything but Barren. With over 1 million acres of natural beauty, the Pines can be a challenge to photograph. This makes the Pine Barrens one of the best training grounds to learn and master your creative vision with landscape and nature photography. During your one on one workshop I can focus all our time together helping you with what you want to work on. Whether it is the basics, working with composition or improving your creativity, I’m 100% dedicated to what you need on these individual workshops.

Come see and photograph this uniquely beautiful landscape with me as your guide. I’ve been exploring the Pine Barrens for close to 30 years and have found some pretty amazing places for photography. The forests, lakes, rivers, bogs, and even the cedar swamps offer their own beauty. These workshops are set up to maximize your opportunity to photograph. There is no hiking or challenging terrain to navigate (unless you want to).

Spring Mist New Jersey Pine Barrens


2 hour workshop $175
4 hour workshop $300

Contact me for more than one person.

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Notes on individual Pine Barrens workshops

  • I always bring my camera, but am not there to shoot, I’m there for you. If there is an unusual opportunity I may set up my camera, but primarily I have it to use for instruction if necessary.
  • Nature and weather are unpredictable, especially in the Pine Barrens. Each day can bring a different experience, so understanding that it is important to be flexible during our time together. This will help ensure the goal that you get great photographs while experiencing the beautiful New Jersey Pinelands.
  • Speaking of weather, we will photograph in most conditions, rain or shine. However, heavy rain and other dangerous weather conditions may force us to reschedule.
  • Once your workshop is set up, I will send you more details, including a list of recommended equipment and clothing.
  • The cost of the this workshop covers the instruction and access to the locations we will be photographing at. It does not include transportation, to and from the workshop, lodging, meals, etc.

Important Covid-19 Information:

I am fully vaccinated and still taking the pandemic seriously following state and CDC guidelines. If you have not been fully vaccinated, face coverings are required but can be removed if we are more than 6 feet away from each other.