Teaching iPhoneography 

The End Of A Winter Day by Richard Lewis

The End Of A Winter Day by Richard Lewis 2015

I recently taught my first workshop on iPhoneography as part of the South Jersey Camera Club’s monthly workshop series. It was a great experience mainly due to the interesting people who participated.

It’s fun to work with people who really think about photography. There were great discussions about how innovations like iPhoneography will change photography and start to blur the lines between photographic art and other forms or art. I left the class inspired. Later that day I came across this stand of trees during a snow storm and inspired by the class, I produced this image.

I think iPhoneography is in the same state of “newness” as digital photography was 10 to 15 years ago. It is not quite accepted, but not easily ignored either. As time passes, artistic images from phones will start to become more mainstream. Will this mean the end of the “traditional” digital camera with interchangeable lenses? Who knows? I remember the photography pundits writing off digital photography years ago. Now try to buy a roll of Kodachrome film or a camera to put it in.