Burlington Island in New Jersey

Burlington Island in Fog by Richard Lewis 2013

I really appreciate my family and friends, especially those who put up with me when I spend way too much time setting up a photograph. They also can be pretty good at tipping me off to what’s around to photograph. This one would not have happened if it wasn’t for my friend Karin.

On this particular foggy morning I spent some time looking for photographs on my way to work. I didn’t venture down to the Delaware River which is near my office because I knew it would be socked in with too much fog. At least that was what I thought until Karin came racing into my office and told me to drop what was doing and go there now. I had my camera gear and Karin was excited enough to go out of her way to come and see me, so off I went and this is what resulted.

It’s great to have friends who watch out for you, but it’s really special to have friends that keep watch for you. Enjoy.

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