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An Old Train Through the Lens of iPhoneography

New forms of art are not exempt from the old rules of composition. Old Train in Red White and Blue by Richard Lewis 2014 Recently I went to photograph some old train cars and decided to only use an iPhone camera. iPhoneography can inspire a more surreal and impressionistic view of old and abandoned things. When framing this photograph I realized that in spite of using a goofy little camera phone, I [...]

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Serving The Cause Of History – Part 3

Shooting photographs as World War II re-enactors shoot at each other This is the third and final set of images from my time at the re-enactment of a World War II battle between the American and German armies. I was there to photograph the re-enactors as part of my Serving The Cause Of History project. After spending some time getting to know the re-enactors and learning about their way of honoring history and [...]

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Serving The Cause Of History – Part 2

More from my day as a war photographer Although I was born after World War II, I grew up surrounded by adults who were profoundly affected by it. They either served, lost someone who served, or had family in Europe who perished in the Holocaust perpetrated by the Nazis. While photographing the re-enactment of a World War II battle, I went over to meet the guys playing the role of the enemy. [...]

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Shooting War – A New Project

This is a very different project for me and I would greatly appreciate it if you took the time and left a comment or even a like to let me know what you are think.  My stint as a war photographer These photographs are the first in a series that I will be doing about World War II re-enactors called Serving the Cause of History. Besides being a photographer, I'm a history nerd with a [...]

2017-05-19T10:36:08+00:00 December 12th, 2014|17 Comments

Photography Sometimes Requires Walking Backwards

If Ansel Adams had an iPhone, would he use the camera? One Glorious Afternoon by Richard Lewis 2014 - App: Snapseed The Ted Stiles Preserve at Baldpate Mountain in New Jersey is a nice park with a lot of hiking trails. Although the terrain gives you a great workout, the park is not the most scenic place and I usually do not take any camera gear.  We recently decided to walk one [...]

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Seeing The World With One Eye Closed

Photography Turns 3 Dimensions Into 2 The recently released science fiction movie "Interstellar" presents the concept of adding a 4th and 5th dimension into our 3 dimensional world. That got me thinking about how photographers go in the opposite direction, turning our 3 dimensional world into 2 dimensions. The photographs below are exercises in exploring this concept intentionally. The Old Barn When studying this old barn, I liked how the angles created by the roof, [...]

2017-05-19T10:36:08+00:00 December 1st, 2014|4 Comments
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